A Wayland native snapshot and editor tool, inspired by Snappy on macOS. Works great with grim, slurp and sway. But can easily work with other screen copy tools that can output a final image to stdout. See below.


Swappy Screenshot

Example usage

Output of grim (or any tool outputing an image file):

grim -g "$(slurp)" - | swappy -f -

Swappshot a PNG file:

swappy -f "~/Desktop/my-gnome-saved-file.png"

Print final surface to stdout (useful to pipe with other tools):

grim -g "$(slurp)" - | swappy -f - -o - | pngquant -

Grab a swappshot from a specific window under Sway, using swaymsg and jq:

grim -g "$(swaymsg -t get_tree | jq -r '.. | select(.pid? and .visible?) | .rect | "\(.x),\(.y) \(.width)x\(.height)"' | slurp)" - | swappy -f -


The config file is located at $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/swappy/config or at $HOME/.config/swappy/config.

The file follows the GLib conf format. See the man page for details. There is example config file here.

The following lines can be used as swappy's default:

  • save_dir is where swappshots will be saved, can contain env variables and must exist in your filesystem
  • save_filename_format: is the filename template, if it contains a date format, this will be parsed into a timestamp. Format is detailed in strftime(3). If this date format is missing, filename will have no timestamp
  • show_panel is used to toggle the paint panel on or off upon startup
  • line_size is the default line size (must be between 1 and 50)
  • text_size is the default text size (must be between 10 and 50)
  • text_font is the font used to render text, its format is pango friendly

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Ctrl+b: Toggle Paint Panel

  • b: Switch to Brush
  • t: Switch to Text
  • r: Switch to Rectangle
  • o: Switch to Ellipse
  • a: Switch to Arrow
  • d: Switch to Blur (d stands for droplet)

  • R: Use Red Color
  • G: Use Green Color
  • B: Use Blue Color
  • C: Use Custom Color
  • Minus: Reduce Stroke Size
  • Plus: Increase Stroke Size
  • Equal: Reset Stroke Size
  • k: Clear Paints (cannot be undone)

  • Ctrl: Center Shape (Rectangle & Ellipse) based on draw start

  • Ctrl+z: Undo
  • Ctrl+Shift+z or Ctrl+y: Redo
  • Ctrl+s: Save to file (see man page)
  • Ctrl+c: Copy to clipboard
  • Escape or q or Ctrl+w: Quit swappy


  • Copy: If you don't have wl-clipboard installed, copy to clipboard won't work if you close swappy (the content of the clipboard is lost). This because GTK 3.24 has not implemented persistent storage on wayland backend yet. We need to do it on the Wayland level, or wait for GTK 4. For now, we use wl-copy if installed and revert to gtk clipboard if not found.
  • Fonts: Swappy relies on Font Awesome 5 being present to properly render the icons. On Arch you can simply install those with: sudo pacman -S otf-font-awesome


Building from source

Install dependencies (on Arch, name can vary for other distros):

  • meson
  • ninja
  • cairo
  • pango
  • gtk
  • glib2
  • scdoc

Optional dependencies:

  • wl-clipboard (to make sure the copy is saved if you close swappy)
  • otf-font-awesome (to draw the paint icons properly)

Then run:

meson build
ninja -C build


This section is for developers, maintainers and translators.

To add support to a new locale or when translations are updated:

  1. Update src/po/LINGUAS (when new locales are added)
  2. Generate a new po file (ignore and do not commit potential noise in other files):
ninja -C build swappy-update-po

To rebuild the base template (should happen less often):

ninja -C build swappy-pot

See the meson documentation for details.


Pull requests are welcome. This project uses conventional commits to automate changelog generation.


We rely on standard-version which is part of the JavaScript ecosystem but works well with any project.

npx standard-version --sign
git push --follow-tags
# Do the release on Github with manual steps, then:

Release tarballs are signed with this PGP key: F44D05A50F6C9EB5C81BCF966A6B35DBE9442683




A Wayland native snapshot editing tool, inspired by Snappy on macOS

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