SystemJS Config Builder

Generate SystemJS config files from node_modules


The easiest way to include modules in SystemJS is currently through JSPM. This project aims to provide an alternative, by leveraging the deterministic installs of Yarn (also works with npm) and generating config files to explain to SystemJS how to resolve modules from node_modules.


  • Trace node_modules and build registry
  • Generage compatability configs for packages
  • Generate valid SystemJS config file
  • Make sure loading React.JS works
  • Cache registry (to speed up subsequent generations)
  • Use own @node polyfills. See #1 for progress
  • Respect jspmPackage: true
  • Perform path optimisations (nm: -> node_modules), for smaller configs
  • Fully support npm resolve algorithym (upper node_module and single dep node_modules)
  • Allow simple local overrides
  • Use JSPM overrides
  • Allow dependency filtering (so we don't include deps meant for just the server)
  • Provide CLI flag to optimize generated.config.js
  • Allow configurability
  • Make more robust

Currently, given this package.json, SystemJS Config Builder generates this config.


Example Project (with usage instructions)

You can test the generation via the cli in systemjs-tools.

yarn global add systemjs-tools

add SystemJS @node browser polyfills

yarn add systemjs-nodelibs

and generate the config

systemjs config

optionally you can also add a postinstall hook to do this automatically


  "scripts": {
    "postinstall": "systemjs config"


Thanks to Juha Jรคrvi for helping me flesh out this idea and for the discussions regarding his awesome cbuild project.

SystemJS Config Builder

Generate SystemJS config files from node_modules

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