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Tarkov Database Website

The main presence, the website of Tarkov Database which presents the data of the API in a friendly way.

The project follows the KISS principle and focuses on the same things as the REST API: scalability, efficiency, performance, and simplicity. It is also designed as a stateless service for use in a distributed system.

Set up a local development environment


Set up

1. Set up local REST API

2. Clone this repository

git clone [email protected]:tarkov-database/website.git && cd website

3. Install NPM modules

npm i

4. Build static files

make statics

5. Create environment variable file

Create a file with the name .env in the root directory and the following content (add the appropriate variables)

export HOST=localhost:8080
export API_URL=http://localhost:9000/v2
export SEARCH_HOST=http://localhost:9100

6. Start the server

make run

The server should now be accessible via localhost:8080

7. Install Revive linter (optional)

go install[email protected]

8. Install Prettier editor integration (optional)


The website of Tarkov Database

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