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What is Tarmak?

Tarmak is an open-source toolkit for Kubernetes cluster lifecycle management that focuses on best practice cluster security and cluster management/operation. It has been built from the ground-up to be cloud provider-agnostic and hence provides a means for consistent and reliable cluster deployment and management, across clouds and on-premises environments.

Tarmak and its underlying components are the product of Jetstack's work with its customers to build and deploy Kubernetes in production at scale.

Under-the-hood, Tarmak uses a number of well-known and proven components, including Terraform, Puppet and systemd.


Get a ready built version of tarmak from the releases page:

$ wget https://github.com/jetstack/tarmak/releases/download/0.6.7/tarmak_0.6.7_linux_amd64
$ mv tarmak_0.6.7_linux_amd64 tarmak
$ chmod +x tarmak

If you want compile from source, follow the build guide instead.

Now follow the user guide.


Full documentation, including design/architecture overview, user/developer guides and more, is maintained at https://docs.tarmak.io/.

Disclaimer - please note that current releases of Tarmak are alpha (unless explicitly marked). Although we do not anticipate breaking changes, at this stage this cannot be absolutely guaranteed.


A toolkit for Kubernetes cluster provisioning and lifecycle management

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