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The technic modpack extends the Minetest game with many new elements, mainly constructable machines and tools. It is a large modpack, and tends to dominate gameplay when it is used. This manual describes how to use the technic modpack, mainly from a player's perspective.

The technic modpack depends on some other modpacks:

  • the basic Minetest game
  • mesecons, which supports the construction of logic systems based on signalling elements
  • pipeworks, which supports the automation of item transport
  • moreores, which provides some additional ore types
  • basic_materials, which provides some basic craft items

This manual doesn't explain how to use these other modpacks, which have their own manuals:

Recipes for constructable items in technic are generally not guessable, and are also not specifically documented here. You should use a craft guide mod to look up the recipes in-game. For the best possible guidance, use the unified_inventory mod, with which technic registers its specialised recipe types.



  • Resources
  • Substances
  • Processes
  • Chests
  • Radioactivity
  • Electrical power
  • Powered machines
  • Generators
  • Forceload anchor
  • Digilines
  • Mesecons
  • Tools

Mod development:

  • Api

subjects missing from this manual:

  • frames
  • templates


  1. My technic circuit doesn't work. No power is distributed.
    • A: Make sure you have a switching station connected.


This is a maintained fork of with various enhancements. Suitable for multiplayer environments.

  • Chainsaw and HV Quarry re-implementation (@OgelGames)
  • Switching station lag/polyfuse and globalstep execution (@BuckarooBanzay)
  • No forceload hacks
  • Additional HV machines (@h-v-smacker)
  • LV, MV, and HV digiline cables (@S-S-X and @SwissalpS)
  • Chests with digilines and more complete user interface
  • Most of network code rewritten
  • Many bugs that allowed cheating fixed
  • CNC machine with pipeworks, upgrades and digiline support
  • Better performance
  • various others...


This mod is meant as a drop-in replacement for the upstream technic mod. It also provides some additional machines and items, notably:

  • HV Grinder, Furnace, and Compressor
  • LV Lamp
  • LV, MV, and HV Digiline cables

Recommended mods


Recommended optional Dependencies:

Recommended mods that build on the technic mod:

Settings (worldpath/technic.conf)

Configuration key Description
enable_wrench_crafting enable recipe for wrench
enable_radiation_throttling enable lag- and per-second-trottling of radiation damage
admin_priv Privileges required to use administrative chat commands like cache flushing and enabling/disabling machines globally.
quarry_max_depth max depth of the quarry.
quarry_time_limit max cpu time in Ξs allowed per quarry step.
quarry_dig_above_nodes begin digging this many nodes above quarry node.
network_overload_reset_time After network conflict wait this many seconds before attempting to activate conflicting networks again.
switch_off_delay_seconds switching station off delay.

See defaults for settings here: technic/config.lua

See configuration for CNC machines here: technic_cnc/

Chat commands

  • /technic_flush_switch_cache clears the switching station cache (stops all unloaded switches)
  • /powerctrl [on|off] enable/disable technic power distribution globally
  • /technic_get_active_networks [minlag] list all active networks with additional network data
  • /technic_clear_network_data removes all networks and network nodes from the cache


  • kpoppel
  • Nekogloop
  • Nore/Ekdohibs
  • ShadowNinja
  • VanessaE
  • BuckarooBanzay
  • OgelGames
  • int-ua
  • S-S-X
  • H-V-Smacker
  • groxxda
  • SwissalpS
  • And many others...


Unless otherwise stated, all components of this modpack are licensed under the LGPL, V2 or later. See also the individual mod folders for their secondary/alternate licenses, if any.


Technic mod for Minetest

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