Telegram Wallet TokenERC20

Telegram Wallet uses the library Web3j

Features Telegram Wallet:

  • Wallet Generate/Delete
  • Recovery Wallet by 12 seed code phrases
  • Obtaining credential from file wallet (Json)
  • Sending Ether with Smart Contract (Fee for transaction 0.001 Ether ~ 0.2$). Method TransactionEth()
  • Sending Ether without Smart Contract (Web3J). Method Transaction()
  • Sending token ERC20
  • Get Balance
    1. Ether
    2. Token
  • Get Token information
    1. Token name
    2. Token symbol
  • Transaction list from (need ApiKey)
  • Commands /send, /tips for templates transactions example use commands: /tips 0x0000000000000000000000000000000 1 (Space separated values).
  • Create QR Code for Ether Address
  • Edit GasProce and GasLimit

Getting started

Download or clone a project and open it in your IntelliJ IDEA

Help in developing

Description of how to work with the web3j library on my blog

Manual instruction in Wiki.

All questions and suggestions can be left in the Telegram group.


I would be grateful for feedback on errors, shortcomings.


If you have ideas or interesting projects in which I can participate, do not hesitate to share them with me.


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Telegram Wallet Token Erc20

Wallet for Token ERC20

Telegram Wallet Token Erc20 Info

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