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What is telescope

Telescope is the service ( from client or server ) works for render view ( md / code / image... ) via fetching URL.
It's awesome that we can see any file on the internet. And telescope provides three ways (html/image/pdf) to display the view.
So you can write the markup as follows.

<!-- is the client side's service without any dynamic server-->
<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="100%" height="400px"></iframe>


  • ✈ Supports client and server side.
  • 🍻 Multiply styles.
  • 😊 The service server side supports output the view via image or pdf.
  • 🍫 The code supports specified line range.
  • 👍 More features is waiting for you to discover...

Why needs telescope

Hackernoon and Medium has the similar view via rendering gist snippet. We can use telescope service to preview or generate the image / pdf easily!


git clone
cd telescope
# If you are in china, should set PUPPETEER_DOWNLOAD_HOST to speed the installation of puppeteer. 
# server side, default port 8002
npm start
# or client side, default port 9999
npm run client
# build the assert of client side on `public/`
npm run client:build

Meanwhile, telescope requires chrome libraries.
You should ensure the dependencies of chrome that you had installed, because I use the headless Chrome browser puppeteer to generate snapshot and pdf.

Client Side

Open http://localhost:9999 after setup the service on port 9999.

  • The accepted query string table (server side accepted too)
name type description
q string the fetching url, e.g. picidaejs/picidaejs/master/src/index.js picidaejs/picidaejs
style string the view style, please see
hlStyle string the code's highlight style, please see
range number|[start, end] the code's range, e.g. ?range=10 ?range=[10] ?range=[10, 20] ?range=[-20, -15]

And specially, debug=true is accepted on client side for debug.

Server Side

Temporary outside service

  • Please try the path name below


If you want to customize yourself own telescope, Please write your plugin or style.


MIT imcuttle


🔭 The service ( from Client or Server ) works for render view ( markdown / code / image... ) from fetching URL.

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