A web app for tracking expenses and budgets.

What are tendies? Basically, money. Internet people call money 'tendies' and it's a word play on 'tender' (i.e. legal currency) and chicken tenders the food ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • Quick and bulk expensing
  • Budget creation and automatic tracking of expenses per budget
  • Custom spend categories
  • Dashboard with dynamic reporting
  • Detailed reports that break down spending
  • Add additional payers for tracking expenses across multiple people
  • Export your data directly into raw, CSV, and Excel
  • Responsive design - compatible with all major browsers and devices

Built with






Run it locally (written for Windows and VSCode)

  1. Create a directory and clone the repo in it:

    git clone https://github.com/eddyharrington/Tendie-Tracker
  2. Create your virtual environment:

    python -m venv env
  3. Activate your virtual environment:

  4. Install the dependencies:

    pip install -r requirements.txt
  5. Create the DB in Postgres (schema in repo here)

  6. Set your environment variables in .env file (otherwise hard code the string app.secret_key in app.py and engine in all of the .py files):

    # App variable

DB variable


7) Build and run the Flask app in VSCode

## Discussion
I started working on this in March 2020 as part of my CS50 final project. My main goal was to replace an Excel file I was using for tracking expenses and originally this app had only 1 form and 2 or 3 pages on it. The pandemic gave me extra time to think and explore different technology so I ended up adding features that I was curious to learn about. Some of the other things I wanted to add and may work on at a later time include:
  * Tests
  * User intro / walk-through of the app
  * Improved budget tracking (i.e calculates if your weekly / monthly spending is on-track or not)
  * Dark theme
  * Suggested spend categories

Tendie Tracker

A web app for tracking expenses and budgets

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