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What is TerrabaseDB?

TerrabaseDB (or TDB for short) is an effort to provide the best of key/value stores, document stores and columnar databases, that is, simplicity, flexibility and queryability at scale. TDB is curently in an alpha stage, but can be used as a performant and persistent key-value store.

Getting started 🚀

  1. Download a bundle for your platform from here ⬇️
  2. Unzip the bundle
  3. Make the files executable (run chmod +x tdb tsh on *nix systems)
  4. First run tdb to start the database server and then run tsh to start the interactive shell
  5. Run commands like: SET foo bar , GET bar , UPDATE cat mitten or DEL proprietary 🤪 on tsh !


  • HEYA - It all begins with a heya! Use this to ping the server
  • GET/ MGET - Get a single/multiple key(s)
  • SET/ MSET - Set a single/multiple key(s)
  • UPDATE/ MUPDATE - Update the value of a single/multiple key(s) which has already been created with SET
  • EXISTS - Check if a single/multiple key(s) exist(s)
  • DEL - Delete a single/multiple key(s)

And many more

Clients 🔌

We're officially working on a Python Driver and we plan to support more languages along the way 🎉! You're free to write your own clients - all you need to do is implement the simple and performant Terrapipe protocol spec.

Community 👐

A project which is powered by the community believes in the power of community! If you get stuck anywhere - here are your options!

Platforms 💻

Linux supported macOS supported Windows supported


This project strictly follows semver, however, since this project is currently in the development phase (0.x.y), the API may change unpredictably


Yes - we need you! Be it a typo, a bizarre idea, a dirty bug🐞 or an amazing patch - you're welcome to contribute to TDB! Beginner friendly issues are marked with the label. Read the guide here.


You can see a full list of contributors here


This project is licensed under the AGPL-3.0 License.


TerrabaseDB is an extremely fast and reliable real-time NoSQL database with native support for automated snapshots

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