This code creates a Kinesis Firehose in AWS to send CloudWatch log data to S3.


module "kinesis-firehose" {
  source                                = "git::https://github.com/felipefrizzo/terraform-aws-kinesis-firehose.git?ref=master"
  region                                = "aws_region"
  kinesis_firehose_stream_name          = "stream_name"
  kinesis_firehose_stream_backup_prefix = "bucket_backup_prefix"
  bucket_name                           = "bucket_name"
  root_path                             = false
  lambda_function_name                  = "lambda_function_name"
  lambda_function_file_name             = "kinesis-firehose-cloudwatch-logs-json-processor-python"
  glue_catalog_database_name            = "glue_catalog_database_name"
  glue_catalog_table_name               = "glue_catalog_table_name"
  glue_catalog_table_columns            = []
  cloudwatch_subscription_filter_name   = "cloudwatch_subscription_filter_name"
  cloudwatch_log_group_name             = "cloudwatch_log_group_name"
  cloudwatch_filter_pattern             = "cloudwatch_filter_pattern"


Name Description Type Default Required
kinesis_firehose_stream_name Name to be use on kinesis firehose stream (e.g. poc_logs) string - yes
kinesis_firehose_stream_backup_prefix The prefix name to use for the kinesis backup (e.g. backup_prefix) string `` no
bucket_name Bucket name string - yes
root_path The path where the lambda function file is located is root or module path (e.g. true) boolean `` no
lambda_function_name Lambda function name (e.g. lambda_kinesis) string - yes
lambda_function_file_name Lambda function file name string - yes
glue_catalog_database_name Glue catalog database name string - yes
glue_catalog_table_name Glue catalog database table name string - yes
glue_catalog_table_columns A list of table columns (e.g. ['id', 'name']) list <list> yes
cloudwatch_subscription_filter_name Subscription filter name string - yes
cloudwatch_log_group_name Cloudwatch log group name string - yes
cloudwatch_filter_pattern Cloudwatch filter pattern string - yes

Terraform Aws Kinesis Firehose

This code creates a Kinesis Firehose in AWS to send CloudWatch log data to S3.

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