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Welcome to the glorious dotfiles!

This is a collection/stash of my linux configurations also known as dotfiles. I don't know why did I wasted my time writing these, especially my AwesomeWM setups. Or maybe it's because... I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really -- I was alive. ;) So no wasted time after all. You're probably here because of my awesome dotfiles. So yeah, steal what you want. Don't forget to check my other projects!

Wiki here

The wiki will guide you to replicate my setups. So read the frickin' manual! If you post an issue that can be solve by reading it, I'll drop kick you.

Summary and details

If you're too lazy to read the wiki, here's some of the details you need to know.


Required dependencies

Name Description Why/Where is it needed?
awesome-git Highly configurable framework window manager Isn't it obvious?
rofi Window switcher, application launcher and dmenu replacement Application launcher
picom-git A compositor for X11 A compositor with kawase-blur
inter-font A typeface specially designed for user interfaces Setup font

Installation and usage

  1. Install the required dependencies. Note that there's also an optional dependencies.

  2. Clone this repository.

    $ git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/manilarome/the-glorious-dotfiles/
  3. Make sure to create a backup if you have a current AwesomeWM configuration.

  4. Copy the the-glorious-dotfiles/config/awesome/SETUPNAME folder to your "${HOME}"/.config/. I'll just assume that you don't have an awesome folder in your ~/.config/:

    # Use the Floppy setup
    $ cp -r the-glorious-dotfiles/config/awesome/floppy $HOME/.config/awesome
    # Use the GNawesOME setup
    $ cp -r the-glorious-dotfiles/config/awesome/gnawesome $HOME/.config/awesome
    # Use the Linear setup
    $ cp -r the-glorious-dotfiles/config/awesome/linear $HOME/.config/awesome
    # Use the Surreal setup
    $ cp -r the-glorious-dotfiles/config/awesome/surreal $HOME/.config/awesome
  5. Change the global configuration in $HOME/.config/awesome/configuration/config.lua.

  6. Reload AwesomeWM by pressing Super + Shift + r.


My TODOs or roadmap for my awesomewm setups.

  • Scrollable Notification Centerneeds improvement
  • Lockscreen PAM Integration
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Refactor for cleaner codeWIP
  • Extend the screen recorder widget's functionality
  • Adjust picom's blur strength using a slider

Selling the dotfiles

Why would I want this?

Core features

These are the features included in my AwesomeWM setups!

  • Notification Center
  • Dynamic Wallpaper
  • File/Web Searching like macOS' Spotlight
  • Application Dashboard
  • Brightness and Volume OSDs
  • Functional Trash Widget
  • Built-in Screen Recorder Widget
  • Built-in Calculator Widget
  • Email Widget
  • Weather Widget
  • Quake Terminal
  • Hardware Monitor
  • Blue Light Filter Widgets
  • Lockscreen Module with Face Capture and PAM Integration
  • Easter eggs!Mostly bugs
  • Any many more!

I don't really rice just to make it beautiful, I want it to be also functional so that's why it's "bloated" with features.

Some of these are outdated, so it is better if you try them yourself.

Floppy was meant to be a clone of the infamous Flurry Desktop. I named it Floppy because I thought it would flop when I first posted it on r/unixporn. This is my favorite.

Yes, GNawesOME is a weird name. GNawesOME was meant to be a GNOME clone. Instead, it became a hybrid of macOS, iOS, GNOME, and Deepin. I regret nothing.

A setup full of borders and lines. Awesome right?

Yes, I copied the macOS Big Sur design. Many linux elitists will hate it but I don't care. Cry me a river.

More screenshots

Lockscreen with PAM Integration
Application Menu
Exit Screen
Rofi Global Search
blurredfox CSS theme for Firefox
glorious - lightdm-webkit2-theme
thunderblurred CSS theme for Thunderbird



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A glorified personal dot files

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