Compact. Sufficient.


Left prompt

Abbreviated path, Ruby version and gemset, Python version and virtualenv, Rust version, NodeJS version, Git information and last command execution time.


The following options can be added to ~/.config/fish/conf.d/ to change the appearance and behavior of left prompt.

  • To display current Rust version:
set -g theme_display_rust yes
  • To display current Node version:
set -g theme_display_node yes

Note: Node version may be lazy loaded depending on which nvm plugin you're using

  • To display current working directory on a second line:
set -g theme_display_pwd_on_second_line yes
  • To display Git information on the first line:
set -g theme_display_git_on_first_line yes
  • To omit only dirty status of current local Git repository and have a faster prompt:
set -g theme_display_git_dirty no
  • To omit information of current Git repository altogether:
set -g theme_display_git no
  • To omit current Ruby version and gemset:
set -g theme_display_ruby no
  • To omit current Python version and virtualenv:
set -g theme_display_virtualenv no

Right prompt

Last command's exit code and current time


This theme is based on Zish and Coffeandcode themes, many thanks to their authors!


Theme Scorphish

Compact. Sufficient. PWD, Ruby+RVM, Python+VENV, Git status, Rust, NodeJS.

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