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Before you continue

  • The App is still under development so this may contain some errors.
  • Generate your own TheMovieDb api key
  • Create a class named API_KEY.kt in app\src\main\java\kashish\com
  • Copy and paste following code with your API KEY :
    class API_KEY{
      companion object {
          val TMDB_API_KEY = "YOUR API KEY";
    • Create a new firebase project and then paste the generated google-services.json key in app directory
    • These are required steps, app won't build without these.
    • Firebase is needed for crashlytics support.
    • If you don't want to add firebase, just remove all firebase dependencies from gradle file.


  • TheMovieDBApp is movies app built with android architecture components and the repository pattern (LiveData, ViewModel, Room, Paging).
  • TheMovieDb API is used to fetch movie details.


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    nowshowing_dark Details Details

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Movie App built with Android architecture components (LiveData, ViewModel, Room, Paging) and repository pattern.

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