Highly used Telegraf + InfluxDBv1.8 + Grafana stack with Mosquitto MQTT broker. Hence, the name:

T   I   G   UITTO

Initially created for Medium.com Post: Creating Your IoT Node and Edge Prototype with InfluxDB, Telegraf and Docker


Since the stack is very often used in IoT Setups, there are three usable scenarios that are thought of:

CASE Security Usage Status
prototype Basic Auth. Quick Deployments, Tests on Edge Devices DONE
selfsigned X.509 Certificates For Standalone Stacks for internal infrastructure DONE
certbot Let's Encrypt Certificates For Production-Ready Cloud Deployments DONE


  1. Refer to README.md in each case directory, since before bringing the stack up you will need to configure the case by executing some scripts and commands

  2. from root directory:

     docker-compose -f <CASE>/docker-compose.<CASE>.yml up -d


Telegraf + InfluxDB + Grafana + Mosquitto MQTT Broker stack behind a Traefik Reverse-Proxy with varying levels of security and more ease of deployment.

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