An easy way to crop an image.


  • Both iPhone/iPad available
  • Support pinch gesture to zoom
  • Support pan gesture to move&resize
  • Support cutomize line width and color
  • Support cross line and middle line

System requirements

  • iOS 7.0 or higher



name type description
toCropImage UIImage 待裁剪的图片。
The image you want to crop.
needScaleCrop BOOL 是否需要缩放裁剪。
Determines whether you need to scale crop with pinch gesture or not.
showMidLines BOOL 是否需要显示每条边中间的线,这条中间线支持拖动手势。
Show the lines in the middle of each border, which can receive pan gesture to resize the crop area when the aspect ratio is ZERO.
showCrossLines BOOL 是否显示裁剪框内的交叉线。
Show the cross lines in the crop area.
cropAspectRatio CGFloat 设置裁剪框的宽高比。
The aspect retio you want to crop the image, equals to WIDTH / HEIGHT.
cropAreaBorderLineColor UIColor 设置裁剪边框的颜色。
The color of border lines.
cropAreaBorderLineWidth CGFloat 设置裁剪边框的线宽。
The width of border lines.
cropAreaCornerLineColor UIColor 设置裁剪边框四个角的颜色。
The line color of the corner.
cropAreaCornerLineWidth CGFloat 设置裁剪边框四个角的线宽。
The line width of the corner.
cropAreaCornerWidth CGFloat 设置裁剪边框四个角的宽度,这里指角的横边的长度。
The width of the corner area, indicate the length of the horizontal line of the corner.
cropAreaCornerHeight CGFloat 设置裁剪边框四个角的高度,这里指角的竖边的长度。
The height of the corner area, indicate the length of the vertical line of the corner.
minspace CGFloat 相邻角之间的最小距离。
The minimum distance between the corners.
cropAreaCrossLineWidth CGFloat 裁剪框内交叉线的宽度。
The width of cross lines.
cropAreaCrossLineColor UIColor 裁剪框内交叉线的颜色。
The color of cross lines.
cropAreaMidLineWidth CGFloat 裁剪边框每条边中间线的长度。
The width of middle lines.
cropAreaMidLineHeight CGFloat 裁剪边框每条边中间线的线宽。
The height of middle lines.
cropAreaMidLineColor UIColor 裁剪边框每条边中间线的颜色。
The color of middle lines.
maskColor UIColor 裁剪区域的蒙板颜色。
The color of the mask view which is always transparent black.
cornerBorderInImage BOOL 裁剪边框的四个角是否可以超出图片显示。
Whether the corner border inside the image or not.


TKImageView supports both initWithFrame and initWithCoder to initialize.You can customize your TKImageView instance with the properties to match your design.

@property (weak, nonatomic) IBOutlet TKImageView *tkImageView;
- (void)viewDidLoad {   
    _tkImageView.toCropImage = [UIImage imageNamed: @"test.jpg"];
    _tkImageView.showMidLines = YES;
    _tkImageView.needScaleCrop = YES;
    _tkImageView.showCrossLines = YES;
    _tkImageView.cornerBorderInImage = NO;
    _tkImageView.cropAreaCornerWidth = 44;
    _tkImageView.cropAreaCornerHeight = 44;
    _tkImageView.minSpace = 30;
    _tkImageView.cropAreaCornerLineColor = [UIColor whiteColor];
    _tkImageView.cropAreaBorderLineColor = [UIColor whiteColor];
    _tkImageView.cropAreaCornerLineWidth = 8;
    _tkImageView.cropAreaBorderLineWidth = 6;
    _tkImageView.cropAreaMidLineWidth = 30;
    _tkImageView.cropAreaMidLineHeight = 8;
    _tkImageView.cropAreaMidLineColor = [UIColor whiteColor];
    _tkImageView.cropAreaCrossLineColor = [UIColor whiteColor];
    _tkImageView.cropAreaCrossLineWidth = 6;    


You can get the cropped image by this function.

- (UIImage *)currentCroppedImage;

Bug&Feature Report

If you find any bugs in my code or you think it is useful to add some features in this tool, please write a issue or mail to me, thanks a lot!


An easy way to crop an image.

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