A directory bookmarking tool for fish-shell.


to puts bookmarks in the directory ~/.tofish

Use set -U TO_DIR to change where bookmarks are stored.

$ to help
 to (BOOKMARK|DIR)         Go to BOOKMARK or DIR
 to add [BOOKMARK] [DEST]  Create a BOOKMARK for DEST
                             Default BOOKMARK: name of current directory
                             Default DEST: path to current directory
 to ls                     List all bookmarks
 to mv OLD NEW             Change the name of a bookmark from OLD to NEW
 to rm BOOKMARK            Remove BOOKMARK
 to clean                  Remove bookmarks that have a missing destination
 to resolve BOOKMARK       Print the destination of a bookmark
 to help                   Show this message


fisher install joehillen/to-fish


Add the following to ~/.config/fish/ and run fundle install.

fundle plugin joehillen/to-fish


Run make

To Fish

Bookmarks for Fish Shell

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