TopSol-Playbook: Lean/Agile Story Telling

Story telling, from A to Z, for product people and entrepreneur mindset

License: CC BY-SA 4.0

What the TopSol Playbook is:

  • Technique to tell stories easily, using common good practices


  • It is a basic set of recipes, that is quite easy to read and understand, but difficult to master
  • Fit for a product/feature development, not to be a succesful Hollywood screenwriter, or awarded novelist
  • Usable from early stage to delivery: empathy, problem discovery, ideation, specs, development, test, deployment, communciation, sales, advertising, explainer videos, documentation
  • Keep everyone in sync and aligned across different teams, remove some of the natural friction
  • People will understand the "why", the goal, the guiding light
  • Inspired by Lean Canvas, Monomyth, and The Golden Circle
  • Roots in Agile, Lean Startup, Design Thinking, UX research
  • Very simple and humble, voluntarily limited by design, using the systemic approach

Overview of the playbook

  • Tell a story, using the base ingredients.
  • If you want/need to detail, use the options.
  • Try, learn, get feedback, remix, change, and adapt to your audience, always & continuously!
  • If you reduce your story to the bare minimum, just a few words, you might land on your Unique Value Proposition (UVP).
  • If you want to seriously learn strong story telling techniques, read the right litterature.
  • This story telling technique differentiates: it is lean and agile, not generic, more dedicated to businesses
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What is "TopSol Playbook"?

"TopSol Playbook" is a set of recipes, templates and good practices, to help you shape your story telling. It is a guidance aimed at product people, like product owners, scrum masters, agile coaches, marketing people, sales people, even founders and C-levels CxO.

Story telling, you say? What else?

The "TopSol Playbook" may help you tell stories, but also may help you shape your {unique|key} value proposition.

How is it used? From A to Z?

It can be used to:

  • describe a User Story or Epic, within an Agile team, using Scrum or Kanban, allows to project and better picture the expected outcome
  • in a customer interview, test a solution, or a {unique|key} value proposition, validate or invalidate, persist or pivot, useful for Lean Startup and Design Thinking approaches
  • sell a solution, product, or feature

TopSol Playbook helps you synchronise and align all the people involed in the User Story factory/pipeline.

What does "TopSol Playbook" stand for?

  • Playbook, because I didn't want another "framework" ;-) and to underline it is not an advanced story telling technique
  • TopSol, because To-P-Sol:
    • To: Target, the people and personas you are targetting with your product or service
    • P: Problem, the problem they face and suffer from, that is worth fixing
    • Sol: Solution, the solution that you bring to your targets

Where does it come from?

Standing on shoulders of giants who stand on shoulders of giants, "TopSol Playbook" has its roots in:

What can I do to help?

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  • Share your knowledge and experience

Can I use, share, and modify the TopSol Playbook?

The TopSol Playbook is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0).

You are free to:

  • Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
  • Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially.

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