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torrodle is a command-line program which searches and gathers magnet links of movies, tv shows, animes and porn videos from a variety of providers. It then streams the torrent via HTTP (along with its subtitles) and plays it with a user preferred video player (such as vlc and mpv).

If you don't know what BitTorrent is, you shouldn't be using torrodle. There are some copyrighted content which might be illegal downloading them in your country.

Table of Contents


  • 🔥 Blazing fast
  • 🚸 User-friendly
  • 🤖 Built-in torrent streaming client via HTTP (refined from go-peerflix)
  • 🔰 Watch the video while it is being downloaded
  • 🔎 Query multiple providers in a single search
  • 🚀 Sorted results from 7 different providers at once
  • 📄 Along with subtitles fetching for the video (using osdb)



Download the latest stable release of the binary at releases.

Go Get

Make sure you have Go 1.12+ installed on your machine.

$ go get

Build From Source

Make sure you have Go 1.12+ installed on your machine.

$ git clone
$ cd torrodle
$ go build cmd/torrodle/main.go


See go.mod.

  1. logrus -- better logging
  2. goquery -- HTML parsing
  3. torrent -- torrent streaming
  4. osdb -- subtitles fetching from OpenSubtitles
  5. go-humanize -- humanizing file size words
  6. color -- colorized output
  7. tablewriter -- table rendering
  8. survey -- pretty prompting


For command-line (CLI) usage, see

For API usage, see


If you have any ideas on how to improve this project or if you think there is a lack of features, feel free to open an issue, or even better, open a pull request. All contributions are welcome!


This project is inspired by @Fabio Spampinato's cliflix.

Torrent streaming technique adapted from @Sioro Neoku's go-peerflix.

Made with ♥︎ by tnychn
MIT © 2019 Tony Chan


⚡️ A magnet link scraper for streaming videos (movies, tv shows, anime, porn) along with subtitles.

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