TrackJS Agent for NodeJS



To use the Agent, call TrackJS.install(options) as soon as possible in your code. It will install the monitors into the environment.

// ES5
const TrackJS = require("trackjs-node").TrackJS;
// ES6
import { TrackJS } from "trackjs-node";

  token: "YOUR_TOKEN"
  /* other options */

To add more context to your errors, add context and metadata through the agent.

  sessionId: "session",
  version: "1.0.0",
  userId: "[email protected]"

// or add arbitrary keys for whatever you think is important
  foo: "bar"

TrackJS will automatically gather Telemetry and send errors. If you want to trigger these events yourself, you can.

TrackJS.addLogTelemetry("warn", [
  "a warning message",
    /*state object*/

TrackJS.track(new Error("everything has gone wrong!"));

TrackJS Node

TrackJS Error Monitoring agent for NodeJS

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