A plugin for Oh My Fish.

MIT License Fish Shell Version Oh My Fish Framework



$ omf install

If/when OMF maintainers approve this package on their repo, it will be easier to install:

$ omf install trish


$ fisher install victante/trish


Insert fundle plugin 'victante/trish' in your, before the fundle init line. Reload the shell and then run:

$ fundle install

Manual installation

$ git clone
$ mv trish/functions/* ~/.config/fish/functions


$ trish ITEMS # send ITEMS to the trash
$ trishl # list what's in the trash
$ trishl [-p INT/--peek INT/-INT] # list the contents of the deleted folder of index INT
$ trishc # enter interactive mode for cleaning the trash
$ trishc [-a/--all] # clean the entire trash folder at once
$ trishc [-o INT/--old INT/-INT] # clean all files that were in the trash for INT days or more
$ trishr # enter interactive mode for restoring items from the trash
$ trishr [-a/--all] # restore all items from the trash

All 4 functions also have a '-h/--help' flag to display a nice little help text.

The name

'Trish' is a mashup of 'trash' and 'fish'. Kinda obvious, but I'm personally very proud of it.


MIT © Victor Coutinho et al


A fish shell plugin to manage the Trash folder 🐟

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