A web application that provides a Clojerl REPL.


$ git clone
$ cd try_clojerl
$ make

Start Web Application

$ make repl
===> Verifying dependencies...
===> Clojerl Compiling try_clojerl
23:11:20.745 [info] Application lager started on node [email protected]
23:11:20.789 [info] Application try_clojerl started on node [email protected]
Clojure 0.0.0-1263.7db08a5

Then visit http://localhost:8080/.


The "Basic Introduction [...]" tutorial is copied almost verbatim from Raynes'tryclojure repo. At the time of writing the web page is no longer working so I thought it would be nice to keep the tutorial alive, even if it's not for the JVM implementation of Clojure.


Online Clojerl REPL

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