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Convert from X→ to →Y (X→Y).

→TypeScript →Flow →Graphql →JSON Schema →Elm →JSDoc →Closure JSDoc →Reason
TypeScript - + + + + +
Flow + - + 😢 +
GraphQL + + - + + +
JSON Schema 📦 + + - 📦
Elm + -
JSDoc + + -
JSON 📦 📦 + + 📦
Reason + + -
PureScript + +
JavaScript + + +
PropTypes + +
CSS Modules + +
gRPC + + + + +
Thrift +
SQL + + +

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TypeScript to Flow

See also:

TypeScript to JSON Schema

TypeScript to JSDoc

TypeScript to Closure JSDoc

TypeScript to Reason

TypeScript to Dart

TypeScript to Kotlin


Flow to TypeScript

See also:

Flow to Reason

Flow to Closure JSDoc

  • 😢 no options here

Who needs it:

Flow to Prepack

Flow to JSON Schema

Flow to PropTypes


GraphQL to TypeScript

See also:

GraphQL to Flow

GraphQL to JSON Schema

GraphQL to Elm

GraphQL to Reason

JSON Schema

JSON Schema to TypeScript

JSON Schema to Flow

JSON Schema to Graphql

JSON Schema to Elm

JSON Schema to gRPC

JSON Schema to SQL


OpenAPI to TypeScript

Swagger to TypeScript

Swagger to Flow


Elm to TypeScript


JSDoc to Flow

JSDoc to TypeScript

TypeScript JSDoc to TypeScript

Who needs it:

Closure JSDoc to TypeScript

JSDoc flavours

See also:


JSON to TypeScript

JSON to Flow

JSON to Graphql

JSON to PropTypes

JSON to Elm

JSON to Scala

I suppose this can be used for Scala.js.

JSON to JSON Schema

JSON to Reason


Reason to TypeScript

Reason to Flow


PureScript to TypeScript

PureScript to Flow


Status of Static Typing in ECMAScript

JavaScript to TypeScript

JavaScript to Flow

JavaScript to Reason


PropTypes to TypeScript

JSX to TypeScript

PropTypes to Flow

CSS Modules

CSS Modules to TypeScript

CSS Modules to Flow


gRPC to TypeScript

gRPC to Flow

gRPC to GraphQL

gRPC to JSON Schema

gRPC to Elm


gRPC to Scala


Thrift to Typescript


SQL to Typescript

SQL to Flow

SQL to GraphQL



https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/platform/catalog/ - checkout "Visualization" tab.

WebIDL to TypeScript

WebIDL to Flow


Go to TypeScript

Go to Flow


Kotlin to TypeScript

Runtime types to static types

Runtime type system

Why do you need Runtime and Static type system together? See this discussion.

Compatible with TypeScript

  • ts-runtime - TypeScript Runtime Type Checks Playground
  • io-ts - TypeScript compatible runtime type system for IO validation

Compatible with Flow

  • flow-runtime - Flow-compatible runtime type system for JavaScript.
  • flow-io - (deprecated) Flow compatible runtime type system for IO validation

Incompatible with existing static type systems

  • React PropTypes
  • tcomb - Type checking and DDD for JavaScript
  • hm-def - Runtime type checking for JS with Hindley Milner signatures
  • ftor - ftor enables ML-like type-directed, functional programming with Javascript including reasonable debugging
  • sanctuary-def - Run-time type system for JavaScript. See also sanctuary#254
  • rfx - Self documenting runtime interfaces.
  • rtype - Intuitive structural type notation for JavaScript.

See also:

Property based testing

Testing with TypeScript

Testing with Flow

Incompatible with existing static type systems

Testing with Elm

Testing with Reason

Testing with PureScript

Languages that compile to JS

(And not mentioned above)

See also:


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