An opinionated starter for Cycle.js projects powered by TypeScript.


  • TypeScript rocks. We use TypeScript as much as possible.
  • Visual Studio Code rocks. We use Visual Studio Code as the recommended editor.
  • Webpack rocks. We use webpack only.


  • TypeScript
  • Webpack
  • TypeStyle for styles
  • Simple routing with layouts
  • Hot Module Reloading
  • Async imports and dynamic routing
  • Visual Studio Code integrations


  • Unit testing with Mocha and Chai
  • UI Integration tests with Cypress
  • Explanation of folder structure
  • Wiki section on recommended/best practices
  • Better README (duh!)


Visual Studio Code Specifics

This repository is optimized for Visual Studio Code. We have launch configurations, an editor config file, and workspace settings.

To make full use of these, you need the following extensions:

Troubleshooting / Tips

  • If using on Windows machines, make sure you have the build tools ready before doing an npm install.
  • If hosting on a subdirectory, you need to change the PROJECT_PUBLIC_PATH in webpack.config.js only for production. You can do this by changing line #32 of the file to var PROJECT_PUBLIC_PATH = __PROD__ ? '<your-public-path-here>' : '/';
  • If you need help with something, or have feedback, suggestions, feel free to open an issue on this repository.

Typescript Starter Cycle

An opinionated starter for Cycle.js projects powered by TypeScript.

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