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Welcome to the UltraCosmetics GitHub repository!

UltraCosmetics is a Spigot plugin compatible with Spigot versions 1.8 through 1.18.1, that adds cosmetics to your server's hub!

In order for everyone to have the best experience possible, we have a few guidelines that everyone must follow.

If you're looking to compile the project yourself, please check out the compiling documentation.

The UltraCosmetics source is provided as is at no monetary cost for personal use only. Any commercial distribution/use of the UltraCosmetics source is strictly prohibited.


Lightweight, Fun and Easy-to-Use Spigot Cosmetics plugin. (Gadgets, etc)

Ultracosmetics Info

⭐ Stars 137
🔗 Homepage www.spigotmc.org
🔗 Source Code github.com
🕒 Last Update 5 months ago
🕒 Created 7 years ago
🐞 Open Issues 13
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😎 Author iSach