The cross-browser extension that manipulates video aspect ratio to fit your entire screen.

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Getting started

Select one of the possible options to install this extension, depending on your browser's engine.

  1. Chrome Extension
  2. Firefox Add-on

Note for Opera browser users: They allow installing extensions directly from Chrome store, but you must install this extension - Install Chrome Extensions in order to do that. I strongly suggest installing the extension this way, because Opera add-ons approval is insanely slow.

Note for Microsoft Edge browser users: At the point of this writing, I am unable to make dev account on Microsoft Edge Store. However, Microsoft Edge allows you to install Chromium based extensions from other stores as well. Visit Chrome Web Store and install this extension from there.


This is the only extension on the market that has two major functionalities that no other extension in this category has.

  • Works on all video streaming platforms.
  • Works on all embedded videos.

It doesn't matter if there are multiple direct or embedded video players on a single page. The extension is smart enough to manipulate the video that you put into a fullscreen, without affecting other video players.

If you are using multiple browsers on the same or different device, this extension is cross-browser and will work in all major browsers. It has been tested in Chrome, Firefox and Opera; without a single issue. There are many other browsers out there, that uses Webkit engine, so the extension will work in those browsers too.

Who is it for?

It's for everyone who wants the power over video aspect ratio. This extension is primarily for UltraWide monitors, but that does not mean it's only good for it. You can manipulate the size of the video that contains horizontal or vertical black bars and let the video fill your entire screen for a better experience.

How to use it?

The extension is fairly easy to use, but very powerful at what it does. It has a couple of options...

  • Pause the extension - _It will stop listening for all memory consuming events and restore any DOM manipulations.

  • Toggle between modes - _Toggle between different modes that will affect the video: normal, upscale and stretch.
  • Configurable shortcuts - Set desired keystroke, with min/max of 3 keys to control pause or mode toggling.

Works everywhere?

To be honest, it is working on all globally popular video streaming platforms. Making a list of all platforms would be very expensive and time consuming, since many platforms are paid. Although, here's my attempt to do it: Platform List


I'd like to take a minute and show my gratitude to every single donation that I received. I'll be updating the list accordingly.

  • Paul Mertens 🍺
  • Shahrul Azlan 🥩
  • Jelle Kaufmann 🍺
  • Manuel Prussenowsky 🍺
  • Christian Kulhei ☕️
  • Timothy Park ☕️
  • Ariel Bobadilla 🍺
  • Ronald Ison ☕️
  • Justin Tisdale 🥩
  • Tiburcio Garcia 🍺
  • Robert Younger ☕️



Upscale or stretch any video on the web, to make it look great on UltraWide screens.

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