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The UWP App Experiences are beautiful, cross device, feature rich and functional app samples built to demonstrate realistic app scenarios on the UWP platform across desktop, Xbox, mobile, and more. Besides being open source on GitHub, each sample is published to the Windows Store for easier access for developers and each is accompanied with at least one blog post and short overview video.

About the samples

While these samples were initially created for the App Dev on Xbox live event and blog series, they have been built and designed for multiple UWP devices and scenarios in mind from the start. In fact, all samples have been developed to work on Desktop, Mobile, and Xbox One. Any developer can take advantage of these samples regardless of the device type or features they are targeting, and we are looking forward to hearing about your experience.

Downloading individual samples

All samples are located in the apps folder. However, we realize that you might want to only download a single sample to try it out so there is also a seperate branch for each sample that only contains relevant files. Switch to appropriate branch in the uper left corner and then click on Clone or download in the upper right corner to download the sample.


The News Experience

Fourth Coffee

code | blog post | video ---|---|---|---

Features: Per device tailored UI Gamepad Focus TV Layout

Fourth Coffee is a news app that works across the desktop, phone, and Xbox One and offers a premium experience that takes advantage of each deviceโ€™s strengths.

The Weather Experience


code | blog post | video ---|---|---|---

Features: Unity and XAML interop App Services App Extensions

Atmosphere is a weather app that showcases the use of the popular Unity Engine to build beautiful UWP apps.In addition, the app implements UWP app extensions to enable other developers to extend certain areas of the app and it exposes an app service that enables other apps to use that weather information, as illustrated by Fourth Coffee.

The Music Experience


code | blog post | video ---|---|---|---

Features: Sharing code with Xamarin (UWP and tvOS) Background Audio SignalR

Backdrop is a cross platform music app sharing code between UWP and tvOS using Xamarin. It supports background audio on UWP devices and cross platform device collaboration using SignalR.

The Video Experience

South Ridge Video

code | blog post | video ---|---|---|---

Features: | Hosted Web App | Controller support | Media Transport Controls Integration ---|---|---|---|---

South Ridge Video is a hosted web application built with React.js, and hosted on a web server. The app can easily be converted to a UWP application that takes advantage of native platform capabilities and can be distributed through the Windows Store as any other UWP app.

The IoT Experience

Best For You

code | blog post | video ---|---|---|---

Features: Windows IoT Core Azure IoT Hub Azure Event Hub Azure Stream Analytics

Best For You is a fitness UWP app focused on collecting data from a fictional IoT enabled yoga clothes and uses Windows IoT Core, Azure IoT Hub, Azure Event Hub and Azure Stream Analytics for processing.

The Social Experience

Adventure Works

code | blog post 1 | video 1 | blog post 2 | video 2 | blog post 3 | video 3 ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---

Features: Camera Integration Cognitive Services Vision, Face, and Speech APIs Project Rome Social Network integration Speech Inking

Adventure Works is a cross device UWP application for sharing adventures and experiences with fictional friends.


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