Update: Thanks for all the downloads and hope v-debounce is useful in your project(s)! An update to v-debounce is comingโ„ข

Debounce directive for Vue2 to debounce input typing. Forked originally from https://github.com/vuejs-tips/v-debounce Updated to include support for IE.



Add an input in your template that uses the directive. For example a search field like this:

<input v-model.lazy="term" v-debounce="delay" placeholder="Search for something" />

In your script section, customize delay and keep track of when term changes, which in this case is 1 second after input has stopped.


export default {
  name: 'example',
  data () {
    return {
      delay: 1000,
      term: '',
  watch: {
    term () {
      // Do something with search term after it debounced
      console.log(`Search term changed to ${this.term}`)
  directives: {

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V Debounce

Vue2 debounce directive for inputs.

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