Vanity Eth

Nodejs based tool to generate vanity ethereum addresses


  • Generate multiple addresses
  • Supports Multi-core processors
  • vanity contract address
  • log to file
  • checksum based vanity address


$ npm install -g vanity-eth
$ vanityeth -i deadbeef


Generate ethereum address:

$ vanityeth

generate 10 ethereum addresses:

$ vanityeth -n 10

generate 10 ethereum addresses with deadbeef as starting characters:

$ vanityeth -n 10 -i deadbeef

generate 10 ethereum addresses with DEADBEEF as the checksum address (case sensitive):

$ vanityeth -n 10 -i DEADBEEF -c

generate ethereum address with vanity contract address:

$ vanityeth -i deadbeef --contract

log to file

$ vanityeth -n 10 -l

help me

$ vanityeth -h

Docker usage

Get the image

# Build image locally after cloning repository
$ docker build -t vanityeth .

# or download image
docker pull myetherwallet/vanityeth


$ docker run -it vanityeth

# Pass additional arguments
$ docker run -it myetherwallet/vanityeth -i deadbeef

Running Locally

To run from source:

git clone [email protected]:MyEtherWallet/VanityEth.git
cd VanityEth
npm install




Ethereum vanity address generator

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