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What is vctl?

vctl is a command line utility for managing containers and the associated VMware container runtime (formerlly 'Project Nautilus'). vctl allows users to Build, Run, Push and Pull containers and images, manage the system runtime settings, and configure the environment to support 'kind'.

How do I install vctl?

'vctl' is included with Fusion 11.5.5 and newer. Fusion 12 adds the additional capability to run 'kind' kubernetes clusters. The 'vctl' command line tool is added to $PATH by default each time Fusion starts, and does not need to be installed seperately.

For convenience, VMware Fusion can be installed via Homebrew:

brew install vmware-fusion

Can I try vctl before buying Fusion or Workstation?

Fusion Pro and Workstation Pro each include a built-in 30 day trial license. Fusion Player or Workstation Player can be licensed for Personal Use for no cost.

You can download Fusion and Workstation directly from here:

What are the System Requirements?

VMware Fusion system requirements are located here VMware Workstation requirements are located here

How do I get started?

You can check out our Getting Started guide here

Vctl Docs

VMware vctl Docs

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