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I’m sure you’ll agree that, at this point, it isn’t an exaggeration to say that we are at war against the coronavirus and that it is a war we must win. The next few weeks are critical in this battle. I request everyone to stay at home and enjoy good time with family.

COVID-19 Tracker | India - Get real-time state wise stats of COVID-19 in India | Product Hunt Embed

This is a small effort from my side to keep yourself updated with number of corona cases reported in India so far. Checkout the available APIs here. Thankful to this organization for such a wonderful API. The Open Graph image used is taken from here.

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COVID-19 Tracker


COVID-19 Tracker by Vinit Shahdeo

Stay Home, Stay Safe!

:wave: DO THE FIVE: Help stop coronavirus

  1. HANDS: Wash them often :open_hands:
  2. ELBOW: Cough into it :sneezing_face:
  3. FACE: Don't touch it :boy:
  4. SPACE: Keep safe distance :walking:
  5. HOME: Stay if you can :house:

Avoid Handshakes 🀝 ❌

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 * Let's fight for Corona together!
function stayAtHome() {

while(_.isAlive(new Virus('COVID-19'))) {
  // Stay home, Stay safe


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COVID-19 Tracker INDIA

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DISCLAIMER: This is an effort made to keep people updated with the latest news/reports related to COVID-19. Check the source for data here. It's a humble request to everyone to stay at home. Read the full disclaimer here.

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A web app to display the live graphical state-wise reported corona cases in India so far. It also shows the latest news for COVID-19. Stay Home, Stay Safe!

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