Provides a daemon that listens for builds on Buildkite and spawns ephemeral virtual machines running Buildkite Agent on a VMWare vSphere cluster. After the build has finished the instance is destroyed. This allows for a repeatable environment for testing.

Requires a vSphere Datastore with the base virtual machine image in a .vmx format. Currently MacStadium provides these for you as part of your private cluster, contact us for the location to use.


Either install with go get github.com/macstadium/vmkite or install one of the releases for your platform.

vmkite run \
  --buildkite-agent-token=BUILDKITE-AGENT-TOKEN \
  --buildkite-api-token=BUILDKITE-API-TOKEN \
  --buildkite-org=BUILDKITE-ORG \
  --target-datastore=TARGET-DATASTORE \
  --source-datastore=SOURCE-DATASTORE \
  --vm-cluster-path=VM-CLUSTER-PATH \
  --vm-network-label=VM-NETWORK-LABEL \
  --vm-memory-mb=VM-MEMORY-MB \
  --vm-num-cpus=VM-NUM-CPUS \
  --vm-num-cores-per-socket=VM-NUM-CORES-PER-SOCKET \
  --vsphere-host=VSPHERE_HOST \
  --vsphere-user=VSPHERE_USER \
  --vsphere-pass=VSPHERE_PASS \


  • Assume base images / VMs / templates loaded into VMware cluster.
  • Poll Buildkite API for jobs matching vmkite-name=X where X is a known base/template.
  • Check for available slots based on X virtual machines per host.
  • Create VM with independent non-persistent disk from base image.
  • VM launches Buildkite Agent with vmkite-name=X metadata.
  • After a job, the VM shuts itself down.


Initially derived from makemac.go by Brad Fitzpatrick for golang/build is a rough-draft quality tool with similar objectives for building the Go codebase on macOS VMs. It wraps the govc CLI interface of the govmomi VMware Go library. It has a few code review comments.

makemac.go code review notes suggest booting from a template is slow, and that creating new VMs from scratch and attaching a frozen disk image is fastest.

govmomi is the official Go library for the VMware vSphere API. It has a CLI interface called govc.

go-buildkite is the Buildkite API client for Go.


An agent that listens for buildkite jobs and spawns ephemeral VMWare environments in a vSphere cluster

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