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This vscode extension adds commitizen support.


  • Open the command panel (ctrl+shift+p or command+shift+p) and type 'conventional commit'.
  • Select the command and answer the questions afterwards (type, scope, subject, body, breaking changes, closed issues).
  • After the closed issues the commit is done automatically.
  • Note: During answering the questions just hit ESCto cancel the commit.


To configure this extension follow cz-customizable and create the required config file. This also read by this extension if configured.

To determine what config to use, the extention will look for a config file in the following places:

  1. a .cz-config.js in the root directory
  2. in package.json to determine the path to the config file:
    "config": {
     "cz-customizable": {
       "config": "test.js"
  3. use the default config

Vscode Commitizen

Visual Studio Code Commitizen Support

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