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Dropify build for vuejs framework

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Getting Started

This packages still in Dev mode vue-dropify helps you to upload files with a simple pre-visual display.


npm i vue-dropify
yarn add vue-dropify


import VueDropify from 'vue-dropify';

export default {
  components: {
    'vue-dropify': VueDropify


name default description
full false Boolean // this attribute define if dopify zone is full width
size null String/Array // [minSize,maxSize] or 'maxSize'
unit 'bk' String // Options are : ['b'(bytes),'kb'(kilobytes),'mb'(megabytes)]
width 'auto' String // Width of dropify zone
height '' String // Height of dropify zone
accept 'image/*' String // The same option as <input type="file" />
message null String // Displayed message when no image is selected
multiple null Boolean // To enable multiple file upload
uploadIcon '' String // Icon className
removeIcon null String // Icon className


name description
@upload trigger when image is selected
@change when change happen to input file

Vue Dropify

A Simple dropzone for image Component for Vuejs

Vue Dropify Info

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