A Vue.js plugin that provides a global event bus and a couple helper methods.

Works with both Vue 1.0 & Vue 2.0.


1.) Install package via NPM
npm install vue-event-handler
2.) Install plugin within project.
import Vue from 'vue';
import VueEvents from 'vue-event-handler';



window.Vue = require('vue');


The $events prototype object.

This plugin extends Vue.prototype to include a new $events object. The $events object is a simple Vue model which includes couple aliases for the vm.$emit & vm.$on methods. An event when registered becomes globally available and thus can be handy while passing data between components.

Registering an event

There are a couple of methods that can be used to register an event and attach a handler method. Option 1 & 2 are functionally identical, and so is Option 3 & 4.

new Vue({

    mounted () {
        // Option 1 - Keeps listening until destroyed
        this.$events.listen('eventName', eventData => console.log(eventData));

        // Option 2 - Keeps listening until destroyed
        this.$events.on('eventName', eventData => console.log(eventData));

        // Option 3 - Listens only once and then stops responding to the trigger, but is not destroyed
        this.$events.listenOnce('eventName', eventData => console.log(eventData));

        // Option 4 - Listens only once and then stops responding to the trigger, but is not destroyed
        this.$events.once('eventName', eventData => console.log(eventData));

Firing an event

There are 2 methods that fire events. Both options are functionally identical.

new Vue({

    data() {
        return {
            eventData: {
                foo: 'baz'

    mounted() {
        // Option 1
        this.$events.fire('eventName', this.eventData);

        // Option 2
        this.$events.emit('eventName', this.eventData);


Destroying an event

There is a method to de-register/destroy an event listener. These method becomes handy whenever the scope of a Vue component is lost and the event was being used locally.

new Vue({

    beforeDestroy () {
        // Option 1 - Destroys an event

        // Option 2 - Destroys an event

        // Option 3 - Destroys all event listeners globally



Vue Event Handler

Event handling plugin for VueJS

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