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AdonisJS Vue Laravel-Mix

Adonis fullstack application

This is the fullstack boilerplate for AdonisJs, it's already integrated with Vue and Laravel-Mix. You can use this as a start point for your Adonis + Laravel Mix projects.

  1. Bodyparser
  2. Session
  3. Authentication
  4. Web security middleware
  5. CORS
  6. Edge template engine
  7. Lucid ORM
  8. Migrations and seeds
  9. Vue (vuex and vue-router are installed and ready to use, synced with vue-router-sync)


  • Node >= 8.*
  • Adonis-cli >= 4.1.*


Create a new project with:

  adonis new <my-project> --blueprint VoreCorporation/vuedonara-mix

Change <my-project> to your project name.


The Adonis start and test commands still there and the following commands are available to handle project assets:

Command Description
npm run fdev Compiles assets in development mode.
npm run fwatch Compiles assets in development mode and watches changes.
npm run fhot Compiles assets in development mode with hot reload option activated.
npm run fproduction Compiles assets for production.


npm run fwatch
adonis serve --dev


npm run fproduction
adonis serve


Run the following command to run startup migrations.

adonis migration:run


For more information see:


The code is available at GitHub under the MIT license.


Suggestions and contributions are welcome via Pull Requests.

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Vuedonara Mix

Fullstack application boilerplate for Vue + Adonisjs + Laravel Mix

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