wayward - fast desktop shell for wayland and weston


  • Lightweight, only 20-37MB memory usage for one FHD monitor
  • Bottom app launch panel with autohide, time, date, volume control, battery indicator, and restart/shutdown buttons.
  • Button to prevent monitor standby when playing videos
  • No X11 dependencies, Xwayland is not required
  • No GTK or QT required




You can download a precompiled package from https://github.com/varmd/wayward/releases. This version is automatically built via Github Actions. cd to download folder and install

pacman -U wayward*pkg*


Download repository, extract and makepkg, then

pacman -U wayward*pkg*


Add weston to ~/.bash_profile or /etc/profile.d/weston.sh

echo "weston" >> ~/.bash_profile


echo "weston" > /etc/profile.d/weston.sh

Wayward installs its own configuration for weston in /etc/xdg/weston/weston.ini so rename or remove any existing weston configuration - e.g at ~/.config/weston.ini. Relogin.

For shutdown and reboot icons to work install sudo and add to /etc/sudoers

yourusername ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/systemctl poweroff
yourusername ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/systemctl reboot


  • weston and wayland
  • ttf-droid and adwaita-icon-theme
  • librsvg and cairo
  • sudo

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Super + a - See list of open applications. Use cursor or mouse to select. Press q to close an open app, right click to close an open app
  • Super + e - Open app panel. Use mouse or Tab, cursor keys <- -> to navigate
  • Volume mute - Mute volume
  • Volume up - Volume up
  • Volume down - Volume down
  • Super + Shift + T - Launch wayward-terminal
  • Browser key - Launch browser
  • Super + Ctrl + Alt + s - Shutdown
  • Super + Ctrl + Alt + r - Restart

Hiding apps in the app panel

Edit weston.ini and add hide-apps to the shell section. For example


Changing wallpaper

Wallpapers are changed from weston.ini. See weston.ini documentation - https://www.mankier.com/5/weston.ini#Shell_Section-background-image


Workspaces can be enabled from weston.ini. See weston.ini documentation - https://www.mankier.com/5/weston.ini#Shell_Section-num-workspaces


1.0 - Remove GTK due to bugs and incompatible API of GTK4 with weston

0.9 - Add keyboard shortcuts for volume and shutdown

0.8.3 - Add initial multi-monitor support

0.8 - Add battery indicator

Known issues and limitations

  • If there are large number of applications in /usr/share/applications, app icons will overlap with system icons. This can be fixed by hiding apps in weston.ini.
  • Misconfigured or broken audio such as AMD HDMI audio can cause crash on startup. As a workaround audio setup should be fixed. For example for AMD HDMI audio built-in soundcard can be used as a workaround - e.g by setting snd_hda_intel.index=1,0 if built in soundcard comes as second when running aplay -l
  • Multimonitor support - not tested after removal of GTK
  • Need to restart weston after a new app installation to see the new app icon in the panel.


Fast desktop shell for wayland and weston.

Wayward Info

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