PoC for using ES6, Flow and Webpack 3 in IE8

IE8? Are you crazy?

Sadly, some of us still have to use IE8 for production apps. But we still want to use modern tooling. So this repo is an attempt to use ES6, Flow and Webpack in IE8.


npm i
npm start


  • Uses es3ify as a post loader to convert ES5 to ES3
  • Uses es5-shim from a CDN in the HTML source
  • "loose": true is needed in .babelrc to avoid Object.defineProperty
  • HMR needs to be turned off (adds Object.defineProperty that breaks IE8)
  • If you use UglifyJsPlugin don't forget the screw_ie8 option.

Webpack3 Ie8

PoC for using Webpack 3 in IE8

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