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A IntelliJ IDE plugin use for connect Android device wireless.


1. By release plugin file

Download Plugin

  • In your IntelliJ IDE, Nav > File > Settings > Plugins > click the gear icon > Install plugin from disk.

  • Another way is copy this plugin file into the IDE's installation path /your_ide_installation_dir/plugin/, you should unzip plugin to this path, and restart IDE.

2. By IntelliJ Plugin Repository

In your IntelliJ IDE, Nav > File > Settings > Plugins > Search WiFiADB



IntelliJ IDEA (Community Edition) 19.1+

Import Project

This project is not a gradle or pom project, but a IntelliJ Platform Plugin project, IDEA cannot import this project normally.

In IDEA Community (necessary) File -> New -> Project from Exsiting Sources -> Create project from exsiting sources, then click next until finish import.

Pressing the Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S to open Project Structure dialog, choose ** Project** tab, change ** Project SDK** to ** IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition IC-xxxx** , then apply change.

Then, edit GenerateModuleFromTemplate.iml in the project root directory, change the type attribute of module node to PLUGIN_MODULE, minimize the IDEA and restore it, the plugin project will be detected.

Finally, Run -> Edit Configuretions -> Alt + Insert -> Plugin -> Apply, the project configuration completed.

Generate Plugin Jar

Run -> Prepare Plugin Module xxx For Deployment

Change Log


  • 2.8: Fix: dialog height anomaly.
  • 2.7: Update: set the main dialog be modal.
  • 2.6: Update: fixed default dialog width.
  • 2.5: Feature: delete device config support.
  • 2.4: Fix: unable to get device ip address.
  • 2.3: Update: compatible with Android 10.
  • 2.2: Feature: support configure adb path.
  • 2.1: Fix bug: 'Cannot run program "adb"' problem on MacOS.
  • 2.0: Update : custom column support, persist ui status, more menu option, more feature.
  • 1.2: Fix bug: ui frozen when loading device and connecting device.
  • 1.1: Fix bug: can't load device configured.
  • 1.0: First release.




An IntelliJ platform plugin use for connecting Android device over WiFi

Wifiadb Info

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