Windows 10 Toolkit

Windows-Toolkit.cmd - An ever-growing toolkit to modify many aspects of Windows written in Batch

Supported Versions = Windows 10 64/32 Bit and ARM64, I use on Pro 64bit+ARM64 and Home 32bit+ARM64.

Any Risks? = There will always be risk when modifying parts of Windows, make a Restore Point beforehand if worried.

Requirements = Access to Admin privileges. Some common sense.

Please add your suggestions for what I should add to it in the Issues Tab, along with any bugs

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What's changed since last update?

All aimed at C: Drive at the moment;
-Defrag: Scan and Execute
-CHKDSK: Scan and Execute on next boot
-CompactOS: Scan and Execute
(basic comments in code for these commands)

Available Options:

Windows Update

Windows Search


Windows Spotlight:

Windows Services:


Powershell based Tweaks:


Context Menu



Win 10 Services Toolbox

A Toolbox allowing users to modify various aspects of Windows 10 from one place.

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