What is Xer.Cqrs?

Xer.Cqrs is a convenience package that contains all packages needed to build a CQRS write side with DDD concepts. It groups together other lightweight XerProjects libraries:

  • Domain Driven - contains Domain Driven Design (DDD) components/concepts.
  • Command Stack - contains components for handling commands.
  • Event Stack - contains components for handling events.


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Simple CQRS library

This project composes of components for implementing the CQRS pattern (Command Handling, Event Handling) with DDD concepts (Aggregate Roots, Entities, Value Objects, Domain Events). This library was built with simplicity, modularity and pluggability in mind.



You can simply clone this repository, build the source, reference the dll from the project, and code away!

Xer.Cqrs is available as a Nuget package:

  • NuGet

To install Nuget package:

  1. Open command prompt
  2. Go to project directory
  3. Add the packages to the project:
    dotnet add package Xer.Cqrs
  4. Restore the packages:
    dotnet restore

Getting Started

(Samples are in ASP.NET Core)

Command Handling

See https://github.com/XerProjects/Xer.Cqrs.CommandStack/blob/dev/README.md for documentation.

Event Handling

See https://github.com/XerProjects/Xer.Cqrs.EventStack/blob/dev/README.md for documentation.


A lightweight and easy-to-use CQRS + DDD library

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