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Bindings for the Yara library from VirusTotal.

More documentation can be found on the Yara's documentation.


The implementation is inspired from yara-python.

const RULES: &str = r#"
    rule contains_rust {
        $rust = "rust" nocase

fn main() {
    let compiler = Compiler::new().unwrap();
        .expect("Should have parsed rule");
    let rules = compiler.compile_rules()
        .expect("Should have compiled rules");
    let results = rules.scan_mem("I love Rust!".as_bytes(), 5)
        .expect("Should have scanned");
    assert!(results.iter().any(|r| r.identifier == "contains_rust"));


  • Support from Yara v4.1.
  • Compile rules from strings or files.
  • Save and load compiled rules.
  • Scan byte arrays (&[u8]) or files.

Feature flags and Yara linking.

Look at the yara-sys crate documentation for a list of feature flags and how to link to your Yara crate.


  • Remove some unwrap on string conversions (currently this crate assume the rules, meta and namespace identifier are valid Rust's str).
  • Accept AsRef<Path> instead of &str on multiple functions.
  • Implement the scanner API.
  • Add process scanning.
  • Report the warnings to the user.


Licensed under either of

at your option.


Please follow the conventional commit rules when committing to this repository.

If you add any new feature, add the corresponding unit/doc tests.

Yara Rust

Rust bindings for VirusTotal/Yara

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