YASS - Yet Another Static Site (Generator)

As name says, it is static site generator written in Ada. It is headless application (no user interface). The program documentation is included in distribution.


  • Support almost infinite amount of custom tags in HTML templates (depends on available RAM)
  • Separated tags for whole site and each page
  • Fast
  • Can be extended with modules written in any script/programming language
  • Generating sitemaps
  • Generating Atom feeds
  • Auto reconfigure server when configuration file was changed

Build from sources

To build you need:

Navigate to the main directory(where this file is) to compile:

  • Easiest way to compile program is use Gnat Programming Studio included in GNAT. Just run GPS, select yass.gpr as a project file and select option Build All.

  • If you prefer using console: in main source code directory type gprbuild for debug mode build or for release mode: gprbuild -XMode=release. If you have installed Bob you can type bob debug for build in debug mode or bob release to prepare release for the program.

If you want to be able to print content of README.md file to terminal (by readme program command), copy file README.md to bin directory.

Note: If you want to move the program around, compile it in release mode. In debug mode the program may have problems with finding all dependencies.

Build unit tests

Navigate to tests/driver directory from the main directory (where this file is):

  • From console: type gprbuild -P test_driver.gpr

Or if you have Bob installed, type bob tests.

Running the program


To see all available options, type in console ./yass help in directory where binary file is. It work that same way for downloaded AppImage version of program. More informations about using AppImage files you can find here:


If you want to run the program from other directory, you should set the environment variable YASSDIR to your current directory. Example: export YASSDIR=$(pwd). You don't need to set it manually when you use AppImage version of the program.

Running unit tests

From the main directory (where this file is) go to test/driver directory and type in console ./test_runner. If you have Bob installed, you can type bob runtests.

Testing versions

Here are available also testing versions of the program. You can find them in Releases. To use them, first you must download normal release. Then, inside directory where the program is, type ./yass-x86_64.AppImage --appimage-extract to extract whole program to directory squashfs-root. And then just move files from the archive to proper locations. To run that version, just enter squashfs-root directory and type in console ./AppRun.

Generating code documentation

To generate (or regenerate) code documentation, you need ROBODoc If you have it, in main program directory (where this file is) enter terminal command: others/generatedocs.py. For more information about this script, please look here. This version of script have set all default settings for the YASS code. If you have Bob installed, you can type bob docs.

Contributing to the project

For detailed informations about contributing to the project (bugs reporting, ideas propositions, code conduct, etc), see CONTRIBUTING.md


  • Yass is released under GNU GPL v3 license.

  • Libcmark library distributed with AppImage version of the program is released under few Open Sources licenses


TODO (someday or if someone want to contribute)

  • Windows version of the program
  • More unit tests
  • Your propositions?

As usual, I probably forgot about something important here :)

Bartek thindil Jasicki


Yet Another Static Site (Generator)

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