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What is ZanRedisDB

ZanRedisDB is a distributed redis cluster with strong consistency.

  • Compatible with redis protocol: most redis command is supported in ZanRedisDB, so you can replace Redis with ZanRedisDB and get a more powerful cluster with unlimited data.
  • Namespace and set supported: You can use the namespace and set as prefix to isolate different data to make operation more easily.
  • Strong consistence and persistence: Use raft and rocksdb to make sure all the data have the consistence replication and persistent on stable storage.
  • Scalability: You can easily increase the cluster capacity just by adding more machines.
  • Multi-DC support: multi data centers deployment can be supported with rackaware feature.


Install the compress library

yum install snappy-devel (for CentOS)
apt-get install libsnappy1 libsnappy-dev (for Debian/Ubuntu)
brew install snappy (for Mac)

Build the rocksdb

git clone
cd rocksdb
USE_SSE=1 make static_lib

Install the dependency:

CGO_CFLAGS="-I/path/to/rocksdb/include" CGO_LDFLAGS="-L/path/to/rocksdb -lrocksdb -lstdc++ -lm -lsnappy -lrt" go get

CGO_CFLAGS="-I/path/to/rocksdb/include" CGO_LDFLAGS="-L/path/to/rocksdb -lrocksdb -lstdc++ -lm -lsnappy" go get (for MacOS)

use the gpm to install other dependencies

wget && chmod +x gpm && sudo mv gpm /usr/local/bin
gpm get

Build zankv and placedriver from the source (only support go version 1.8+, gcc 4.9+ or xcode-command-line-tools on Mac):


If you want package the binary release run the scripts



  • Deploy the rsync daemon which is needed on all server node to transfer the snapshot data for raft
  • Deploy etcd cluster which is needed for the meta data for the namespaces
  • Deploy the placedriver which is used for data placement: placedriver -config=/path/to/config
  • Deploy the zankv for data storage server zankv -config=/path/to/config


placedriver has several HTTP APIs to manager the namespace

  • list the namespace: GET /namespaces
  • list the data nodes: GET /datanodes
  • list the placedriver nodes: GET /listpd
  • query the namespace meta info: GET /query/namespace_name
  • create the namespace (handle only by leader) : POST /cluster/namespace/create?namespace=test_p16&partition_num=16&replicator=3
  • delete the namespace (handle only by leader): POST /cluster/namespace/delete?namespace=test_p16&partition=**

storage server HTTP APIs for stats:

  • namespace stats : GET /stats
  • namespace raft internal stats : GET /raft/stats
  • optimize the data storage : POST /kv/optimize
  • get the raft leader of the namespace partition: GET /cluster/leader/namespace-partition

storage server also support the redis apis for read/write :

  • KV:
  • Hash Set:
  • List:
  • Sorted Set:
  • ZSet:


Golang client SDK : client-sdk , a redis proxy can be deployed based on this golang sdk if you want use the redis client in other language.




  • Redis data structures
    • KV
    • Hash
    • List
    • Set
    • Sorted Set
    • GeoHash
    • Expires
    • HyperLogLog
    • JSON
  • Distributed system
    • Raft based replication
    • Partitions
    • Auto balance and migrate
    • Support namespace
    • High available
    • Distributed scan on table
    • Rackaware deployment used for across data center deployment
  • Searchable and Indexing
    • Secondary index support on Hash fields
    • Secondary index support for json kv
    • Full text search support
  • Operation
    • Backup and restore for cluster
    • More stats for read/write performance and errors.
  • Client
    • High available for redis commands (Retry on fail)
    • Extand redis commands to support index and search
    • Extand redis commands for advance scan
  • Others (maybe)
    • Support configure for Column storage friendly for OLAP
    • BoltDB as storage engine (read/range optimize)
    • Lua scripts support
    • Support export data to other systems


Yet another distributed kvstore support redis data and index. moved to:

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