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Z.C.P.E 5.5

Would you like to become a Zend Certified Engineer ?

Here you can find simple content of the topics you will find in the exam, and there is an interface web which you can easily see the examples in this repo.

PHP Basics Functions Data format & Types
Syntax Arguments XML Basics
Operators Variables SimpleXML
Variables References XML Extension
Control Structures Returns Webservices Basics
Language Constructs and Functions Variable Scope SOAP
Namespaces Anonymous Functions, closures JSON
Extensions - DateTime
Config - -
Performance/bytecode caching - -
Web Features Object Oriented Programming Security
Sessions Instantiation Configuration
Forms Modifiers/Inheritance Session Security
GET and POST data Interfaces Cross-Site Scripting
Cookies Exceptions Cross-Site Request Forgeries
HTTP Headers Autoload SQL Injection
HTTP Authentication Reflection Remote Code Injection
HTTP Status Codes Type Hinting Email Injection
- Class Constants Filter Input
- Late Static Binding Escape Output
- Magic (_*) Methods Encryption, Hashing algorithms
- Instance Methods & Properties File uploads
- SPL PHP Configuration
- Traits Password hashing API
Strings & Patterns Databases & SQL Array
Quoting SQL Associative Arrays
Matching Joins Array Iteration
Extracting Prepared Statements Array Functions
Searching Transactions SPL, Objects as arrays
Replacing PDO Casting
Formatting - -
PCRE - -
Encodings - -

What you will not find here ?

You are not find here topics related to Zend Framework 1 Certification or Zend Framework 2 Certification, here we are focus on PHP 5.5 certification.


Basic study guide to prepare for Zend certification exam

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