This small server allow you to change the pipeline of your issues using commit messages.

To move one issue

git commit -m "#1 => InProgress"

To move multiple issues

git commit -m "#1 #5 #42 => InProgress"

The original pipeline name is escaped with all char except alpha, the app will match the start of what you have written. If multiple pipelines are found the issue is not moved.

So Review/QA with be accessible by typing review, rev or reviewqa


We are using these env variables:


Your ZenHub api token. Get one here


The git token, it will be used to read issue's name from your private repositories. Create a new one here.

GIT_HOOK_SECRET (optional)

The hook secret specified at the creation of the hook.


Server host


Server port


Run with docker or manually

docker run -p 8080:8080 -e "ZENHUB_TOKEN=<token>" -e "GIT_TOKEN=<token>" -e "GIT_HOOK_SECRET=<secret>" nicocanicolas/zenhub-pipeline

Once the server is started, go to your repository(ies) and add a new push hook ( default path: "/" ) to your brand new server address.


As this project was made in hurry, contributions are welcome :p

Zenhub Pipeline

Automatically transfer issues in pipeline by commit message

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