In Maintenance Build Status

DuckDuckHack is now in maintenance mode. We are only accepting pull requests for essential bug fixes. For more information see

What are essential bug fixes?

Any changes necessary to keep existing Instant Answers functioning correctly and as expected. For example:

  • Updating the URL for a Spice Instant Answer when the API changes
  • Correcting a Perl or JavaScript logic error
  • Fixing CSS that's causing the display to break

Any other changes will not be accepted. For example:

  • spelling/comment changes
  • unsolicited improvements, changes, and code refactoring

Need to report a bug?

If you find a bug or relevancy issue, the best way to report this is via the Feedback button on the search results page. These issues are compiled and reviewed daily.

Have a suggestion or idea?

The best way to report these is also via the Feedback button on the search results page.

You can also share your thoughts with our community on Reddit.

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