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:art: ArtPlayer.js is a modern and full featured HTML5 video player

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  • Size - 25kB minified and gzipped
  • Subtitle - Support for .VTT, .ASS and .SRT formats
  • Customizable - Right Click Menu, Business Layer, Video Controller and Settings Panel
  • Controller - Quality Switch, Subtitle Switch, Play Speed, Aspect Ratio, Video Flip, Fullscreen, Picture In Picture, Screenshot, Thumbnail, Adaptive Size, Highlight and Hotkey...
  • Built-in - Open Local Subtitles, Open Local Video, Mini Progress Bar, Network Detection and Subtitle Time Offset
  • Integration - Easy to integration with other dependencies: flv.js, hls.js, dash.js, shaka-player, webtorrent...
  • Code - Vanilla ES6 and SASS, Highly decoupled code, clear structure, easy to track bugs and add new features
  • Document - Detailed interface documentation and rich code demo
  • API - Rich interface and response events, easy to interface with business or custom plugin
  • I18N - support for internationalization of controls


Project Description Demo
artplayer-plugin-danmuku Danmuku plugin demo
artplayer-plugin-gif Gif plugin demo
artplayer-plugin-backlight Backlight plugin demo
artplayer-tool-thumbnail Thumbnail tool demo
artplayer-tool-github Github Danmuku tool demo
artplayer-react React Component demo
artplayer-vue Vue Component demo


Mobile Demo




Install with npm:

$ npm install artplayer

Or install with yarn:

$ yarn add artplayer
import Artplayer from 'artplayer';

Or umd builds are also available:

<script src="path/to/artplayer.js"></script>

Or from jsDelivr CDN:

<script src=""></script>

Will expose the global variable to window.Artplayer.


<div class="artplayer-app"></div>
var art = new Artplayer({
    container: '.artplayer-app',
    url: 'path/to/video.mp4',


Installation dependency:

$ npm install
$ npm run bootstrap

Run the developer mode and select the project you want to develop:

$ npm run dev

Open web server:

$ npm start


We accept donations through these channels:


QQ Group

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MIT Β© Harvey Zack


:art: ArtPlayer.js is a modern and full featured HTML5 video player

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